Customized Size Marine Salvage Airbags Effective Length 6 To 24 Meters

Customized Size And Design Of Marine Salvage Airbags / Natural Rubber Airbag


ARD inflatable rubber airbag is a kind of innovative product with our own intellectual property.It has been widely used in the ship launching and landing,the caissons lifting movement, the removal of other heavy objects, underwater installation work buoyancy aid and other areas. Marine airbag applications are not affected by site constraints, and don't need large-scale machinery and equipment,so that to shorten the project cycle and save a lot of money. After 20 years of development practice,prove that it is safe,efficient, green,and flexible.


Advantages of ARD marine salvage airbags


New design of anti-bursting construction at the end


For our new generation of airbags. Both the rubber compounding and making process are improved so that their structural tearing strengths are improved and so for their capacity for twisting and compression resistance. The deflating possibility would increase at the joint of the end ironwork and the rubber as the working pressure rises .Once it leaks at the end after repeated operation, the end would be more likely to burst out under the high pressure and injure the people. Such accidents due to poor air bag quality have happened many times in the ship launching .We should keep alert on it . To meet the requirement on the air tightness under high internal pressure, the new anti-blasting construction is designed with the end to enhance the binding strength and air tightness at the joint of the bag body and end ironwork. . This design could meet the increased working pressure and has been free of the leakage so far in use and proved safe


Standard specifications of ARD marine salvage airbags


1> Diameter (D): From 0.3m to 2.2 m.


2> Effective Length (EL): From 6m to24m.


3> Total Length (TL): From 7m to28m.


4> Other specification of ship launching airbags also available upon customer’s request


Guaranteed bearing capacity per unit length for 3 layers natural rubebr airbag:



Working pressure

Working height

Guaranteed bearing capacity per unit length

      KN/m t/m 1b/ft


(D=2.62 ft)


(18.85 psi)

0.5m(1.640 ft) 61.31 6.25 4200
    0.4m(1.312 ft) 81.72 8.33 5599
    0.3m(0.984 ft) 102.22 10.42 7004
    0.2m(0.656 ft) 122.63 12.50 8402


(D=3.28 ft)


(14.50 psi)

0.6m(1.968 ft) 62.88 6.41 4308
    0.5m(1.640 ft) 78.58 8.01 5384
    0.4m(1.312 ft) 94.27 9.61 6459
    0.3m(0.984 ft) 110.07 11.22 7541
    0.2m(0.656 ft) 125.76 12.82 8617


(D=3.94 ft)


(13.05 psi)

0.7m(2.296 ft) 70.73 7.21 4846
    0.6m(1.968 ft) 84.86 8.65 5814
    0.5m(1.640 ft) 98.98 10.09 6782
    0.4m(1.312 ft) 113.21 11.54 7756
    0.3m(0.984 ft) 127.33 12.98 8724
    0.2m(0.656 ft) 141.46 14.42 9692


ARD salvage / refloatation marine airbags are the most commonly used tool for recovering submerged objects and supply enough buoyancy for objects. Floating ARD marine airbags are very small in size while deflated. Thus, they can be easily transported and deployed when space is an issue and under water conditions. We can provide the exact floating ton capability based on clients requirements. The ARD salvage refloatation airbags have flexible applications and can be broadly implemented in shipwreck salvaging, floating bridge and dock construction, rescue and remove of wrecked ships. It is also being use as temporary marine transportation device.


Customized Size Marine Salvage Airbags Effective Length 6 To 24 Meters



Marine Salvage Airbags

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